DEVON 5230-Li-12TSI cordless impact drill

2nd speed speed: 0-1300 rpm
For me, it is better to throw off the final price of the goods and not to put dubious equipment in the kit.
This solution allows the screwdriver to stand on a flat surface, have an ergonomic comfortable handle and good weight distribution.
Flexible shaft in a plastic articulated housing allows you to work in hard-to-reach places.
The tooling is 50/50 in quality, the drills are like aluminum in weight, but, surprisingly, they even drill. The screwdriver has the standard Devon black and red coloring. The case is made of impact-resistant matte plastic, with glued rubberized inserts.
The handle is quite comfortable due to its small thickness, textured inserts provide a secure grip with the palm. Embossed on one side is a 3D Devon logo. In the “LO” mode, the screwdriver operates at low speeds – from 0 to 350 rpm, in the “HI” mode – from 0 to 1300 rpm. There is nothing special inside the charger, there is a fuse at the input, an OB2358AP PWM controller. Max. torque: 35 Nm The quality is decent, it is well fixed in various positions, it does not wedge during operation. The process of installing a drill. No need to keep hardware in your lips or bend over each.

The torque limit works only in the “screwdriver” mode, in the “drill” and “impact drill” modes, only the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions are regulated. Clamp diameter from 0.8 to 10 mm. The packaging is a cardboard box with colorful printing. There is also a sticker with technical specifications, thanks to which you can find out that the charger produces 12.5 V / 0.8 A. The whole set is in a fabric suitcase with a solid frame. There is nothing interesting in the papers, the instruction manual is in two languages: Chinese and English. 1st speed speed: 0-350 rpm
Its dimensions are 32x27x9 mm. The suitcase closes with ordinary zippers with tongues. On the other is a specs sticker that lists RPM, model number, serial number, and operating voltage. Red is responsible for errors, green is for the charging process.
Chuck: quick-release single sleeve (0.8-10 mm) — Flexible shaft The only thing that I don’t like about the assembly is the gap between the two halves of the case, which cannot be removed in any way. Outwardly, it looks very decent, there are no flashes, the case does not crunch when compressed. From chips: operational amplifier LM324 from STMicroelectronics and microcontroller MB95F564K. A useful thing, but not always necessary. I read that this “disease” is inherent in many impact screwdrivers.
A magnetic plate is mounted side by side to hold self-tapping screws, bits and other things.

As you can see, in the process of sending the box was badly damaged, lost its presentability and seals. There are loops on the bottom for
hanging on a vertical surface. But now, when I finally got my own apartment, it is vital – repairs after all. Above the battery is a backlight LED that turns on when the trigger is pulled. On one of the sides there is a three-dimensional inscription with the brand name. Naturally, it was possible to take a cheaper option from a no-name manufacturer, but, personally, for me, Devon is more trustworthy, because it produces a huge number of power tools that are popular in China. It shines, unlike its Chinese counterparts with backlight under the cartridge, exactly at the place of drilling. Let’s consider each item from the set in more detail. In total there are 17 gradations of torque. There is a branded warranty card, but in fact it is easier to solve a problem with the store itself than with a Chinese manufacturer. The ergonomic start button (hereinafter referred to as the trigger) has smooth speed control. A slot on the board separates the low and high sides. Prior to that, I used a Hitachi screwdriver only at work, drilling various metal surfaces in hard-to-reach places, which turned out to be quite convenient, because there is no need to carry carrying around and look for power. There are 5 contacts in the recess for installing the battery: two balancing contacts, a temperature sensor, plus and minus. Torque adjustment: 17 levels It greatly facilitates the process of screwing in a large number of self-tapping screws when fixing, for example, drywall. There are rubber lugs on the sides that prevent the tool from sliding on an inclined surface. Dimensions screwdriver: length 21 cm, height 21 cm.
Each item from the set is located in individual recesses. Included accessories
LEDs at the end inform about the battery status. Unfortunately, despite all this idyll, the suitcase is structurally incorrect, because when carrying all the items in the grid fall out. With a cursory search, it turned out that buying a spare battery for this device is not so simple, only ordered straight from China, and at a hefty price of $ 35. This device has 17 gradations of torque, adjustable spindle speed, an impact mechanism for the drilling function and a 12 volt battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. The branded charger has a meter network cable with a Chinese plug. On one side there is a rotating drum with holes of various sizes, on the other – a rubber gasket to keep dust in contact with the wall. So it was my turn to write a review of a cordless screwdriver (or a drill, as you like).
There are two adjusting rings on the gearbox housing. It contains full-size images of a screwdriver with detailed information about the capabilities of the tool. — Dust collector Next to the negative contact is a tuning resistor, apparently to adjust the output voltage. The capacity of a 12 volt battery is 1.5 Ah. The bits are not titanium, but quite good, they hold the necessary load. The middle position, as with many screwdrivers, blocks the trigger. — Set of bits and drills < br />— Instructions, warranty card and booklets

DEVON 5230-Li-12TSI cordless impact drill

Gray is responsible for the mode of operation, black is for changing the torque. There are no illusions about the impact mechanism, this is far from a puncher, there are two “breaking” coupling halves, as in a conventional impact drill.
At the top are the main elements for adjusting the work. Two-position speed switch
Responsible, oddly enough, for switching speeds. Weight with battery: 1.15 kg Specifications: Charging time: 2 hours The rubberized top handle makes it easy to carry the whole set. Adjustment is carried out thanks to a smooth pull on the trigger.

Single-sleeve quick-clamping chuck with a corrugated surface, that is, you can easily install equipment with one hand. Battery capacity: 1.5 Ah
— Screwdriver
The battery is clad in a plastic case and has a triangular shape, which implies the use of three 18650 batteries. — Battery charger Voltage and type of battery: 12 V, Li-ion
The charge of a standard battery lasts about two hours, which is a bit long, especially if there is only one battery in the kit.
Slightly higher is a through switch for the direction of rotation. The switch is quite tight, accidentally changing the speed will not work. It’s all because of the handle, which is placed on the wrong side. Instructions, booklets and accessories are stored in a mesh pocket. Blows per minute (in shock mode) – 19500 To change the direction of rotation, it is necessary to “push” the switch to the desired position. The weight of a suitcase with a full set is 2 kg. There is a spindle lock and an electronic run-out brake, the chuck stops instantly after drilling is completed. Type: cordless impact drill
The battery is held in the compartment by two latches, and can be removed without undue difficulty. This feature allows you to extremely accurately achieve the required speed when necessary. Intermediate adjustment, as we remember, is made due to the force of pressing the trigger.
At the end of the tightening, loud clicks of the ratchet are heard, and then the cartridge is blocked.

A non-standard battery compartment is located on the bottom of the handle. Working with it is quite simple – we mark the place of the future hole, select the required diameter of the drill on the dust collector, apply it to the wall, and then drill.
There are three contacts in the compartment: two power supplies and one thermal sensor. Cylindrical plastic dust collector.
Spindle play, unfortunately, is present. This is my first device of this type, except for an electric screwdriver from the same company.

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