The boxes were wrapped as usual with a black package It weathers quickly, does not cause any special problems, but there is. They also write that their ABS does not stink, but I will check it maybe next time =) Gross weight: 1.21


PLA tolerance: ± 0.03mm They promise good uniformity and the absence of impurities, and this reduces the chances of clogging the hot end, uniform sintering and even layers, improving the appearance of the surface of the model. Before feeding the bar, I usually get rid of the area that was fixed on the coil and the first thing I noticed is that this filament is more plastic, it breaks worse when bent than its predecessor. After opening the package, there is a slight smell of plastic, and it does not come from the rod, but from the reel.

The branded packaging is not flashy, but looks presentable Hello everyone! Recently, I was offered to test PLA from Creozone, it was already reviewed by lexus — 08 – showed the appearance, characteristics and several examples of models. This is a big plus, because. in FD, I confused the plastic several times and had to stop printing. Net weight: 1kg Diameter: 1.75mm

Silica gel is not forgotten, although it is not critical for vacuum packaging. There is a bar from another manufacturer, which has become “popular” in Russia due to its low cost when ordering a large batch and generally good quality, so let’s compare this filament with it, delve a little into the characteristics and test the sintering of the layers, adhesion with table, manufacturing precision and material homogeneity.
The coil is also original, there is a sticker with information about the rod. Well, okay, let’s move on to practice. Brand: CREOZONE It is possible that a warm product was packed after drying. Type: PLA I will not repeat myself and will go from the other side. Taking into account the expectation of sending, it took about 10 days, of which 3 days traveled around the local post offices. Over time, I learned to determine the material by fragility, but the sticker greatly simplifies life. Desktop: cold – 60° depending on the surface used. The filament itself is vacuum-packed, which is guaranteed not to allow moisture to penetrate inside. Color:< /b> white Print temperatures: PLA: 190°C – 210°C

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