Professional Black 4 x 35 Waterproof…

Here’s the package arrived. Good luck to everyone! Decided to go my own way. It doesn’t even look like a lens.
When I took it out, I realized that it was a child’s toy. Read reviews carefully. There weren’t many of those when I was a kid. Don’t act like me.
This is a "glass" lens. There were so many of them about binoculars. Conclusion at the end. But something always did not suit. I read many reviews.
And when I looked into it, I realized that children should not play in such a game. So I decided to buy myself a toy. Even wrote to the seller.
The money was returned, but the nerves shook. Not only is it plastic. I took a hacksaw and sawed "glass". That’s all.

Professional Black 4 x 35 Waterproof Binoculars Binocular Telescope. Dismantled. Chose with glass lenses. And draw the right conclusions. Everything is packed very well. Choose for a long time. Well, very "professional" binoculars.

He confirmed that the lenses were glass. It is simply impossible to focus something.

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